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My ultimate goal is to provide the best service for my customers. My ability to do analyst work helps me research the best approach to each return. Tax customers are pleased to discover that I find many deductions they missed in the past. I also review my customers’ finished returns with them so they understand what they are signing. Then I go a step further and help them prepare for the following year’s return. I am also available throughout the year to help manage any "unexpected" life changes.

​Tax planning is critical!  Who could have ever anticipated the changes brought by Covid-19. Unemployment, illness and a stimulus payment.  Required minimum distributions were suspended along with interest on government held student loans.  529 plans can now be used to pay student loans up to $10,000, and penalties were waived for 401k and IRA withdrawals.  The list keeps going on.  My current customers were  given proactive advice on all of this information as it happened so they could take advantage of the benefits.  If your tax preparer didn't given you a heads up on the new changes, you may have missed out on some very important information.  


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