We started out with little more than an idea

Sandra Lawes, CPA, was raised on the east coast but has spent her entire adult life in Phoenix. She fell in love with Phoenix when she was 18 and when the city was much smaller but still loves the desert. She has explored most of the state and also enjoys traveling to new and exotic destinations. She believes traveling makes you a better-rounded and more understanding individual. Sandra married a Phoenix native when she was 22 and now has two daughters and three granddaughters.

Sandra graduated from Arizona State University with a Degree in Accounting and has worked in corporate America for many years. She became a Certified Public Accountant in 1995 and started her CPA firm in 2008. She also spent two years volunteering with VITA, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program sponsored by the City of Glendale, and worked part time for a national tax preparer in 2006 and 2007.

It was there that she realized that returns should be charged based upon effort and not the quantity of forms. She had seen many people with average incomes paying more for their returns than some complicated partnership returns. That was when she decided that in her business she would prepare child tax credit and earned income forms for free.

Sandra regularly attends continuing professional education seminars and conferences to stay up to date with the constantly changing local and federal tax laws and regulations. She is an expert on Arizona specific tax matters as well as federal tax laws and regulations.

Anyone can do a simple tax return. The software is available to practically everyone. The trick is knowing when you need additional help. People’s lives change from year to year and so does the tax code as evidenced in 2018 & 2020! You really don’t want to miss out on any new credits and you should be prepared for any changes that might end up costing you money. You need an expert to make sure you take advantage of all the benefits to which you are legally entitled. Someone who stays on top of the changes and can keep you informed for a reasonable fee. Remember tax avoidance is legal; tax evasion is not.

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